Rachel at Adventure Photo Stories is a gifted photographer and a stellar human. I greatly appreciated her professionalism, her preparedness, and her wit. She put together an excellent schedule for the big day, and, being the seasoned veteran and forward thinker that she is, allotted extra time in all the right places. So I was not a hot mess when, of course, everything ran off schedule. She was two steps ahead the entire time. And she managed to make me laugh every 2 minutes. She captured a plethora of beautiful shots, and our wedding party had a blast running around town with her on a cold February day. Also, she was able to take amazing photos during the ceremony without being disruptive, which I greatly value in a photographer. Basically, she's a ninja. She was extremely patient and generous when asked to take a few more photos, even though it was well after she was off the clock. We loved the way the photos turned out - she asked what kinds of shots we wanted most, and she delivered. We received lots of fun candids and unique photos that we asked for. My husband and I are not the best at having our picture taken - we usually feel awkward and silly and it often shows. But Rachel made us feel comfortable and natural in front of the camera and that makes her a photo-taking wizard. She was so empowering and I felt like a goddess whenever she took my photo. In a nutshell, Rachel is a ninja wizard warrior-princess and you should have her photograph you always. And you should feed her gluten free treats, because that woman deserves all of the nice and allergy-free things in life.

-Alexandra Zahm 2.25.17 Wedding