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Bloom Workshop / Leland Michigan Photographer

Michigan summers are magical. Our state has some real hidden gems and Leland fish town is definitely one of them. I never would have discovered it's historic wooden shake covered shanties without Brooke. She, the creative force behind Stellaluna Events, is another one of those Michigan gems. We were in the area for a super sweet girly workshop on floral design and hand lettering (check out the Bloom Workshop site here). And after driving three and a half hours up to Northern Michigan, we were not disappointed. The workshop was fabulous... SO MANY PRETTY FLOWERS... and when we finished, getting sandwiches from the Village Cheese Shanty was well worth seven collective hours in the car.

Being a photographer is easy in Leland. There is so much texture and visual interest. Taking pictures at Bloom- surrounded by intentionally lovely things, was obviously a breeze as well. I hope you enjoy living vicariously through these images.

Photo by www.adventurephotostories.comPhoto by www.adventurephotostories.comPhoto by www.adventurephotostories.comPhoto by www.adventurephotostories.comPhoto by www.adventurephotostories.comPhoto by www.adventurephotostories.comPhoto by www.adventurephotostories.comPhoto by www.adventurephotostories.comPhoto by www.adventurephotostories.comPhoto by www.adventurephotostories.comPhoto by www.adventurephotostories.comPhoto by www.adventurephotostories.comPhoto by www.adventurephotostories.comPhoto by www.adventurephotostories.comPhoto by

The Schultzes / Mattawan Michigan Wedding Photography

I was dying to photograph this apple orchard, farm-to-table, brewery reception wedding from the moment Andrew told me he was going to propose to Ruth. Colin and I were sitting outside at Texas Corners Brewing Company on our first date night since moving back to Michigan. I've known Andrew for years from school and his family farm, but I had never seen him so giddy... smile crinkles dancing in place happy. The whole wedding was full to overflowing with joy. From an outdoor ceremony with the orchard as a backdrop to the reception at the brewery and the best wedding band I've ever heard (seriously, their rendition of Up Town Funk was AMAZING), it was the kind of wedding I could have stayed at forever. At the end of the night, Ruth asked to take a picture with me because "You're not just our photographer, you're our friend!"

Folks, that's what I live for.

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The LeFeveres / Holland Michigan Wedding Photography

“Trust your heart if the seas catch fire, live by love though the stars walk backward.”― E.E. Cummings

Emily and Drew live for adventure. They will do anywhere together and they are each others best teammates. Like, they should probably do the amazing race. They can handle anything together.

They were married on a bright day in early summer in Spring Grove Park where the sun was warm and the breeze was cool. They set off a rocket afterwards and danced the night away at Baker Lofts in Holland.

It was a good day. The best day.


Branda and Kevin / Grand Rapids Engagement Photographer

Colin shot this session with me and it ended with us getting drinks with Branda and Kevin at Founders Brewing Co. Basically, we just met our new BFFs. IMG_0058IMG_0042IMG_0045IMG_0051IMG_0062IMG_0069IMG_0074IMG_0096IMG_0125IMG_0148IMG_0175IMG_0180IMG_0200IMG_0222IMG_0231IMG_0257IMG_0264

Rashawnda and Lamont / Kalamazoo Engagement Session

I first met Shawnda at church, and everyone kept telling me about how awesome she is. She runs our Free Store and serves in about a million other ways. This session was the first time we got to spend any real time together, and she is even more sweet than I imagined. Lamont is her perfect match: steady and kind. It was a cold and rainy day, so Adrienne from Salt & Light in the Kalamazoo Park Trades Center let us crash her space. I love that building. The giant windows. The murals. Everything was gorgeous.

IMG_4019IMG_3923IMG_3936 copyIMG_3946IMG_4044IMG_4062IMG_3955IMG_4091IMG_3995

Alexandra and Paul / Huntington Wedding Photography

These two have been through a lot together. They have loved each other long distance, endured the visa application process, and planned a wedding based on an ever-changing date of governmental approval. They have successfully petitioned the Catholic church. Paul has moved across the world. Allie has literally carried Paul on her back for miles when he couldn't walk. They have survived multiple 21+ hour flights and a ridiculous wedding photographer who made them take outdoor pictures in Indiana winter. They did it all with grace and kindness.

Cheers to a love that endures all things. It never fails.


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