Wynn Chamberlin / Fort Wayne Family Photography

Each time I visit the Chamberlins, it feels like a homecoming. I photographed Angela and Brent's wedding and each of their three newborn babies. There is always love and a touch of chaos. They are my kind of people... real and passionate and full of compassion. P.S. The last picture is the most true to life. You're welcome Brent.


The Shafers / Huntington Family Photogrpaher

Danielle, Dustin, and baby Ellis came to visit us this weekend! They are some of our very best friends, and it was good for my heart. Spring is coming. I can feel it. IMG_9507IMG_9514IMG_9563IMG_9577IMG_951435IMG_9557IMG_95142IMG_9536IMG_9546IMG_9551IMG_95143IMG_9597