Branda and Kevin / Grand Rapids Engagement Photographer

Colin shot this session with me and it ended with us getting drinks with Branda and Kevin at Founders Brewing Co. Basically, we just met our new BFFs. IMG_0058IMG_0042IMG_0045IMG_0051IMG_0062IMG_0069IMG_0074IMG_0096IMG_0125IMG_0148IMG_0175IMG_0180IMG_0200IMG_0222IMG_0231IMG_0257IMG_0264

Emily and Drew / Grand Rapids Engagement Photographer

This was the session that almost didn't happen. First of all, Emily and Drew didn't really NEED me to take engagement pictures because their good friend Cindy had already taken some, but I gave them the option and we all figured it would be fun. We had plans to walk around downtown Grand Rapids and I ALMOST rescheduled this session. I had a specific vision, and Lord knows that when I get set on something, it's all I can think about. I couldn't think of any indoor locations, and I was about to give up when I discovered the Studio 3 Space in the super cool 1111 Godfrey Ave. SW building. Guys.

It's so cool. Studio 3 included, the whole building is incredible. Emily, Drew, and I had a blast exploring the stairwells and crumbling brick hallways. I loved seeing them lean into the wonder of the space.

Cheers to them and their many adventures to come!