family photographer

The Garbersons / Grand Rapids Family Photography

My heart swells when I think of the Garbersons. Their family is an active force of good in a world that needs it. Their new baby Edison is yet another wonderful thing they have done to make earth a bit brighter. (Sorry not sorry for the pun) IMG_9835IMG_9856IMG_9896IMG_9868IMG_9884IMG_0002IMG_9903IMG_9909-2IMG_9907-2IMG_9920IMG_9914IMG_9915IMG_9965IMG_9948

Baby Alfie / Huntington Family Photography

This squishy boy is perfect. He is his parent's hope rewarded. I've been incredibly blessed to photograph each of the Oprie children just days after their births and their family is so precious to me. I love you guys! IMG_9630IMG_9627IMG_9636IMG_9651IMG_9676IMG_9701IMG_9702IMG_9721IMG_9748IMG_9765IMG_9790

The Shafers / Huntington Family Photogrpaher

Danielle, Dustin, and baby Ellis came to visit us this weekend! They are some of our very best friends, and it was good for my heart. Spring is coming. I can feel it. IMG_9507IMG_9514IMG_9563IMG_9577IMG_951435IMG_9557IMG_95142IMG_9536IMG_9546IMG_9551IMG_95143IMG_9597