Why I'm a Wedding Photographer

my-wedding-dayBy Rachel, circa 2015 I take a lot of pictures. My camera is an extension of myself, and I honestly sometimes I get queasy if I don’t have it with me when I see something beautiful. I understand it, and it doesn’t fail me. I value it’s ability to freeze time, places, and emotion. When I look at a photograph, I am grateful because without it, I might forget.

There was a time after my daughter Margo was born when I was struggling with postpartum depression. I felt like the world was grey until I looked through the lens of my camera. It made me focus (pardon the pun) on beauty. I noticed the color of the sky. I noticed the way my baby’s face crinkled when she yawned.More importantly, when the fog of sadness finally cleared, I had pictures of the things that I missed.

That’s why I’m a photographer. It’s a way to give love to people.

The most important parts of our lives are often the hardest to remember in detail. Our weddings, the birth of a child, senior year of high school- they are all joyously chaotic. If I can help someone remember the joy, my job is one of real meaning.

I believe in marriage. I believe that when done right, participating in the sacrament of marriage is one of the most selfless commitments a person can make. You are no longer one. You are two opinions. You are two lives. You are yours and you are someone else’s. There is a tension in that. Choices take twice as long. Disagreements must be resolved. Wills must bend. Someone else must come first. It’s impossibly hard, but it is oh so good. The sacrifice makes us better humans. I want my clients to look back on the pictures from their wedding day and remember that it’s worth it.

It’s the same for every other kind of session, but weddings are where I thrive. The energy from the day is contagious. It’s the start of a great adventure, and I get to be there.

I do it because the world can always use more love.