Van Life / Kalamazoo Photographer

What happens when you put 3 photographers (and a photographer's in-denial-but-also-a-talented-photographer husband) together with a Volkswagon Westfalia Van and unleash them in a vineyard? Well, first the farmer dude of the group spends a half hour under the Van trying to fix it because it's FALLING APART, and the two ladies spend the whole time taking glam shots in the perfect light and then this happens. So much this.

Shout out to that "I'm not a photographer" husband for some of these images of the "real photographers." Also shout out to Lawton, Michigan for the glorious golden light.

Van life is about just letting the sh*t happen. It's about having a positive attitude and trusting that it will all work out even if the result is unexpected. That's why Robert brought expired polaroid film to play with. He thought it might turn in to something good... for the record, it didn't because it was EXPIRED. The most important thing is that we had fun along the way.

How are we ever going to discover adventure if we don't give it a chance?

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