Adventure Photo Stories - Fort Wayne Indiana Wedding Photographer

Lindsey has been one of my muses since the very beginning. We did a super cool Bonnie and Clyde themed editorial with her partner in cinematic craft. We sent a couple hours in my old wood paneled attic exploring strangely lit natural portraits.

I knew she would marry Logan the day that she rescued a cat from the wheel-well of my car and named her Rahab. This did not surprise me in the least, but when Logan adopted the stray cat from who knows where, I thought to myself, "Now that is a couple that gets each other." This was confirmed for me when taking their engagement pictures. Lindsey joined Logan's favorite squat-with-prayer-hands pose as if it were a normal occurrence.


  • Style: Eclectic Indie Boho Wedding

  • Location: Huntington, Indiana

  • Flowers: Carol Smart, Flowers by Carol

  • Dress: BLHDN

  • Venue: Two EE's Winery (no longer hosting weddings)

  • Hair: Kaylie Dunn, Friend of the Bride

  • Notes: Nearly every detail steamed from Lindsey's wonderful creative brain. This is the most glorious DIY wedding I have ever photographed. I also ugly cried contrary to the super precious handkerchiefs.