Tim + Gina / UofM Botanical Garden Engagement Session

Matthaei Botanical Gardens Engagement Session

When Gina said that she and Tim wanted to do their engagement session at the University of Michigan Botanical Gardens, I was SUPER excited. I’ve never been there but have seen pictures from other Michigan photographer’s and knew it would be awesome. Here’s the thing that those images did not show: A BILLION PEOPLE in the same space. It was the most crowded space I have ever worked in (other than photographing a wedding reception where it’s ok to have people in the background), and I was a little concerned that Tim and Gina might be uncomfortable getting cozy. Turns out, I had nothing to worry about because I’m pretty sure Gina’s confidence is unflappable. She not only got Tim laughing, but me! She is hilarious, and Tim is such a sweetie. Together they are perfectly balanced. He keeps her rooted, and she keeps him laughing. I cannot wait for their wedding in October.

Location: Matthaei Botanical Gardens