Liz + Pat / A Christmas Wedding at Winona Heritage Room

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Liz and Pat could star in a Lifetime Christmas movie. It would be a romantic comedy- HEAVY on the comedy. I would be in it too as the friend / wedding photographer who does the voice over narration. Over a montage of me taking pictures of Liz wildly dancing at countless wedding receptions as a single lady, I would talk about how she didn’t know it, but she was about to be dancing at her own.

Liz and Pat met at a Campus Life event and have been together pretty much ever since. Pat and Liz balance each other out while also egging each other on. Their life is full of laughter and silliness… Which is why when Liz wore a Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer costume for their first look- Pat laughed hysterically, but was not totally surprised. He figured she would try something like that, because it’s who she is.

Their day was full of Christmas cheer, about a million twinkling lights, and more love than my heart could hold.

Dress Shop: One Fine Day
Caterer: 800 degrees pizza
Florist: Four Seasons DIY Florists
Venue: Winona Lake Heritage Room
Rings: Pat - Manly Bands, Liz - Etsy
DJ: Chase "The Ace" Wagner
Programs: Raquel Kauffman
Invites: Wide Eyes Paper, Co
Suits: Macy's