Wedding Tips from a Real Bride! / Ian + Andrea's Wedding


From Rachel:

Ian and Andrea are SO FUN. I think it says a lot about them that I took roughly a million party bus pictures and most of them made it into their wedding gallery. They are also sweet. I don’t mean that in a patronizing or glib way. I mean that they look out for other people and take care of them without asking- often anticipating what they need before they have to ask.

My favorite parts of their wedding day were killing time at their new home between the ceremony and reception (that bad a$$ pool table shot was taken in their basement), and the speeches that made me cry like a baby. On both of those occasions, I caught a glimpse into the deep love that they share with the world and how highly their friends regard them. That love will serve them well. It will also spread and grow and make the world better.

Advice from Andrea, the Bride:

“Getting married is stressful, it is as simple as that. There are so many things that go into your big day, and you want all of them to end up perfect. Here are my tips to get to as close to perfect as you can for your big day.

1. Research the venues first, and then book it the earliest that you can. When you’re planning your big day you already have a general idea of what you want it to look like. Getting the wedding venue you have always dreamed of will definitely help you reach your perfect day.

2. Pick a DJ and Wedding Photographer that you TRUST. Don’t just pick someone because they were “cheaper” or because your friend had them. You and your partner are unique, pick someone that makes you feel true to you. Having someone that makes you feel special will make your wedding day feel special.

3. Don’t sweat the small stuff! There is so much that happens the day of a wedding, don’t let something small halt your happiness. As long as everything big is secured down, let the little things roll.

4. Take a moment for you (and your partner). Your wedding day is a lot of things crammed into a short day. Make sure you take a moment to celebrate the both of you! Don’t wait until the wedding is over. Pick a moment and look at all of the people there who love and support you. Take a moment that is just for you and your partner and relish in the love.

5. Excel sheets are your friend! Just using a notebook for names and addresses may seem like a fine idea, but using excel will make sure that you are keeping that important information all in one place. The less places you keep information the more organized you’ll be

6. Guestbooks, favors and more! A guestbook can be more than paper, get something unique to you. Buy some artwork to have signed, or the letter of your new last name. That is something you will want to have displayed forever. Favors do not need to be stressful, there are plenty of easy DIYs that take no time at all. Don’t just pick something that everyone else has, have the favor show a piece of you and your significant other.

7. Clear labels. Another thing that makes excel so great is that you can put them to fit clear labels to be printed. Save your writing hand some time, print off labels for a professional stress free look.

Most importantly have fun and smile big. Your big day is once, make the most of it.”

Vendor Love:

Dress: Morilee B.Ella Bridal
Church Venue: St. Kenneth
Reception Venue/Catering: Laurel Manor
Flowers: French’s Flowers
Desserts: Elite Sweets
Grooms attire: Men’s Wearhouse
Invitations: Minted