My Best Girl

Kalamazoo Photographer

I don't do family pictures. Well, I do, but only for super special people. The thing is, I've never been great with kids. I don't "get" them. I can't make them do what I want in pictures and it drives me nuts. Pretty much the only kid that I REALLY click with is my daughter Margo. Even then, she's wild and strong-willed (wonder who she gets that from) and pictures are not her cup of tea.

Recently, I've been getting to know Elyse Rowland. And INCREDIBLE family photographer focusing on authentic moments and a documentary style. See her super amazing work here. I had never seen anything like the unposed and free children in her images. I still don't want to be a family photographer, but seeing pictures of her sons playing on their farm and living daily life inspired me to do a series of unposed, real life portraits of my daughter.

My house is a MESS. The girl is a MESS. She's got blueberry all over her face. By the end, she's not even wearing pants.

Truth be told, I couldn't love these more. In years to come, I'll miss the mess.