Tori + Luke / Boyne Mountain Wedding

Boyne Mountain Northern Michigan Wedding Photographer

There are two types of grooms. There are the kind that cry when they see their love walking down the aisle, and then there are guys like Luke- the kind that smile like they contain the sun. 

Tori and Luke have been waiting since preschool for this day... ok not exactly, but they really did meet in preschool. Their ceremony took place at one of their favorite places on earth: Boyne Mountain. They have been visiting with their families for years and have condos on the same street. When I arrived the night before, they showed me around like they were introducing me to a beloved friend. That night, they took me up to the top of the chairlift and danced over the northern Michigan "skyline." I will share photos of that in a separate post later, and it was magical.

Tori's phrase of the wedding day was "Hell YEAH!" At one point, I cried happy tears with her mom, and Luke's dad is in the running for coolest dad of the wedding season (see pictures of him playing harmonica at the reception below). Luke did the entire Soulja Boy routine with his brother. AND THERE WERE DONUTS.

It was spectacular.


Adam + Amber / Kalamazoo Michigan Wedding

Kalamazoo Michigan Wedding Photographer

This was my first downtown Kalamazoo elopement style session. I've done tons of engagements around the Bronson Park area, but golly, there's something about a wedding dress and all that classic architecture that made me forget my super bold photographer thing and lean into something a little more soft and fresh.

I was also inspired by Adam and Amber themselves. Adam kept pointing out new locations and backgrounds. Amber's style was impeccable... timeless and lovely. For the final shot at the brick building, we channeled a little Wes Anderson vibe at Adam's request, and it's now one of my favorite images.

Thank you Amber and Adam! You have a kick a$$ marriage and awesome set of pictures that will stand the test of time.

Liv + Brian / Miami Wedding

Miami Destination Wedding Photographer

When Liv and Brian reached out to have me be their wedding photographer, I about died. Partially, because MIAMI but mostly because they are artists. Everything was stunning and they inspired me to be creative. For their ceremony and reception, they fused a rustic style with a tropical setting at Miami Central Park. The day was full of real emotion and I found myself singing songs along side them during their ceremony.

My favorite part of the day (beside the part where they got married), was when Liv ready Brian's letter. She laugh/cried the whole time and it was so beautiful. I hope you enjoy looking back on this day as much as I do!

Dress: Bijou Bridal, Catering: Delicious Catering, Cake: Ali's Sweet Treats, Venue: Central Park Miami / The Garden District

Side note: Miami is amazing and I'll post a travel log soon ;)