Megan + Zak / Fort Wayne Indiana Wedding Photographer


I've been friends with Megan and Zak for more than 8 years. When they asked me to photograph their wedding, I was both incredibly excited and slightly nervous. On one hand, I couldn't imagine NOT photographing it, but on the other hand, I was due to have a baby just a few weeks before their date. We problem solved by having another photographer responsible for most of the day with me shooting during portraits and the ceremony. We had everything lined up with a great gal, but THE NIGHT BEFORE THE WEDDING at one in the morning, I got a text that she was in the hospital. I scrambled to try to find someone available who also happened to be awake at that late hour. Megan and Zak deserve the best, and I was super scared that I wouldn't be able to find someone I could trust to do them justice.

Enter Ryan Gauper of GAUPERphoto.

When he messaged me saying that he would make the 4+ hour drive on almost no sleep and photograph the day, I was so so grateful. He is one of the few people I would trust to shoot the day AND he did it on no notice.

Below is a collaboration of both of our images, edited in my style. Please go check out his work with his wife Holly on their website and show them some love.

Megan and Zak. You know I love you. Thank you for being the coolest.