Nikki + Carolyn / Al Sabo Nature Preserve Engagement Session

Kalamazoo Wedding Photographer LGBTQ

Nikki and Carolyn are my adopted sisters. They came into my life when I needed a support system and made me laugh, watched my babies, and taught (still are teaching) me to be a better human. I don't get to photograph their wedding because I get to officiate it! It will be my first time performing the ceremony and I am so incredibly honored and excited that theirs will be my first. Still, I was super duper jazzed to take their engagements. They brought along their puppy Ollie (short for Olivander from Harry Potter- another reason we are BFFs), and we explored a local nature preserve. Then, we found a pretty field by a creepy church and played in the grass. All-in-all: a glorious evening.