The Face of Adventure Photo Stories


A logo is the face of a business. So when I began the process of creating this new brand, I wanted to make sure that it showed who I am and who I want to be. The first step was talking to a professional to brainstorm and verbally process my vision. William Hayes from Nice Vibe Designs in Kalamazoo, Michigan helped me hone in on a few important graphic elements.


This was my number one priority. I come alive outside and am in love with Michigan forests and rivers. I know that mountains are super trendy right now, but I wanted to stay true to my home. We don’t have mountains. We aren’t trendy like the PNW, but there is incredible beauty here, and I’m proud of where I come from.

Tattoo/Stippled Style:

Since I was losing the camper van from my pervious logo, it was important for me to communicate the youth, creativity, and non-traditional feel to my work. I have yet to get a tattoo because I’ve been pregnant, broke, or super picky for the past 3 years, but this was my chance to “get a tattoo” without getting a tattoo. Don’t judge me ;) After this babe is born, I know what I want now!


The triangle is the strongest shape. It balances the casual stippled style and represents my professionalism and attention to detail. More than that, it is pointing upward. My ultimate goal in everything that I do is to uplift and encourage others.


I like a little mystery. I like a little dark with my light. While the sun is gorgeous, there is something intriguing about the moon. I don’t have a fully “dark and moody” style, and I’m certainly not “light and airy,” but I adore contrast. The moon is a glowing orb in the night sky that draws all of the focus. I want my couples to feel like that.

After William sketched about a thousand concepts, I pulled the elements that I loved and made the finishing touches. It was important to me to have my own hands complete the design, and I loved how collaborative the process was. Photography is also a collaborative process between the subject and artist. It was so cool to have that represented in my logo.

This has been my logo for almost a year now, but I only recently shared it on social media. My bad ya’ll. The feedback I’ve received has been incredible. Thank you all so much, and thank you to William for his hard work and creative mentorship.