Christine + Marta / eastern Market Detroit Engagement Session

Eastern Market Detroit LGBTQ Engagement Session

What are the two most important things for a great fit between a wedding photographer and an engaged couple? The first is the relationship, and the second is communication. If your personalities don't "click" (camera pun intended), it's hard for the couple to relax and have fun during the engagement session and wedding portraits. It also makes it hard for the photographer to get in a creative headspace. On the other hand, if you DO, photos can feel effortless and the results are incredible.

Here's the part that we often ignore: relationship requires communication. Recently, I've been made aware that even if we would totally go grab drinks together and laugh the night away, that doesn't mean that the couple feels comfortable in front of my camera. I have to figure out what works for each person, each couple, and help guide them in the way that best suits them. Sometimes, that means that the couple has to tell me that I'm asking them to do things that aren't natural. Sometimes, that means that I have to read their body language and make adjustments to what they aren't even saying. All of the time, that means that we have to be honest with each other.

Marta and Christine are goofballs. When we began the engagement session, I was asking them to do some things that didn't feel right. SO, we changed. We found what worked for all of us, and the results are some of my favorite images from the year so far. Detroit is incredible. Eastern Market is full of murals and art. That in combination with these dear new friends made for the perfect winter city adventure.

Side note: they met on a Tennis Court. I loved that they suggested ending the session there!