Rachel's Favorite Wedding Images of 2017

This year has been INCREDIBLE. This was my first full wedding season as Adventure Photo Stories, and I had so much fear doing into booking season. I was terrified that no one would be able to find me after our move to Michigan. I also lost all name recognition when I rebranded. All logical predictions called for a season with just a few weddings and clients who had no reason to trust my creative vision. 

The miraculous happened.

Not only was my season fully booked, but all of my couples believed in me. They trusted my weirdness and allowed me to be an artist without limits. These aren't necessarily the technically best images, or the most engaged on social media, but these are my very favorites from the year and the reasons I love them.

Glowing Love

AdventurePhotoStories_06232017_BakersRhapsody_0219 2.jpg

Sundance Studios is an incredible venue. It's a photographer's dream. There are a million awesome and quirky spots that are perfect for pictures. From floral wallpaper and vintage windows to gorgeous landscaping, we had endless options for portraits. We did a ton of that stuff, but I wanted a bold image that was ONLY about Jaime and Nate. So, I framed them in this doorway and overexposed anything that would be a distraction in the background. The result is an image where their connection is the only subject.

Sneak a Peak


This is a semi-accident. It was freezing cold outside, and I was literally using Rhian's veil to sneakily get some wind and rain protection. Then magic happened. Some photographers might skip past this image because, you know, you only see part of their faces, but something about it made me swoon and I trusted my gut. I'm so glad I did.

Happy Tears


It is common for couples to exchange letters the morning of their wedding. I don't know what Brian wrote to Liv, but I know that it must have been incredible because homegirl cried for like 10 minutes and literally required a make up touch up in the middle of it. I am a sucker for real emotion, and this has all the feels.



Josh and Chris are two of my very favorite people. They have been together for 12 years, and their wedding ceremony was incredibly simple. They were married at the home that they shared in front of their closest family and friends. No fluff, just the real stuff.

Bold Contrast


I didn't know it at the time, but when Branda And Kevin chose me as their wedding photographer, they also chose me as their friend. They put their full trust in me when it came to wedding photography, and I was to create one of my favorite images of all time in front of this window at the Gatsby.

a different kind of First look


This is the first time that Tori saw herself in her wedding dress on her wedding day. It's a different kind a first look, and I am so glad that this bridesmaid suggested it.

Winter snuggles


Alexandra and Paul were married in February, and since Paul is from South Africa, the cold weather was quite a challenge. Everyone was a good sport, but when I found a wall of windows inside a warm building, I knew that we could do some really awesome backlit portraits. I'm obsessed.



What more can I say? Northern Michigan sunsets will always captivate me.

Eyes toward heaven


If you have been following me for very long, you have probably already seen this image. It marks the point in my Journey as an artist were allowed myself to "get weird." I let go of the traditional, and embraced myself for who I am. This was taken in Miami under a wicked hot sun, and I made it work for me. I'm really proud of that.