Rhian + Danny / Geneva Illinois Wedding Photography

Wedding Photographer Riverside Receptions Geneva, IL Chicago, IL

I was there when Rhian chose her high school prom dress, and I was there when she found her wedding dress. I cried a ton. I feel like we just "get" each other. We've been texting throughout the course of her wedding planning, and everything she sent me was AH-MAZING. Rhian is my sister-in-law, but she's always felt more like a best friend. She gave me the choice to be in the wedding or photograph the wedding, and I knew that I wouldn't trust anyone else to do her justice.

When the family met Danny for the first time, we all gave him a hard time. Rhian is so special, and we wanted her to end up with someone who appreciated her and would cherish her. Danny is a fairly reserved dude, but on their wedding day, he did a giddy dance waiting for their first look, surprise-dipped her for their first kiss, and threw up a rock fist when they entered the reception. This guy is in LOVE, and I am so glad that Rhian and Danny found each other.

Every detail of this day was warm and romantic. This was my LAST wedding of 2017, and it was perfect closure.

Dress: BHLDN
Hair: Ashley Andrews
MUA: Kristina Evans
Shoes: Betsey Johnson
Rings: Zales
Venues: The Herrington Inn and Spa, Riverside Receptions (Geneva, IL)
Flowers: Town and Country
Invitations: Minted
Photographer: Adventure Photo Stories

Chris + Kayla / Fort Wayne Wedding Photography

Fort Wayne Wedding at Baker Street Station

Chris and Kayla wanted their wedding day to be no-stress and fun. It was raining, all of the plans changed, and we had a limited variety of locations to work with, but they were smiling the whole time because REAL TALK they are just so in love and happy to be getting married.

Chris is an artist (animator, motion graphics designer, graphic designer, and I would imagine countless other things) with a super modern aesthetic and Kayla loves vintage romantic. It was super cool to see how they married (see what I did there) those visions on their wedding day. The Pièce De Résistance of the day was the venue itself. Baker Street Station (or the Pennsylvania Station as some know it) has soaring ceilings, intricate brickwork, and huge ornate windows. Despite the rain and the fact that the space was full of reception tables, we discovered some majestic backdrops... including the bathroom hallway which we lit up with some off camera flash. 

I would describe this set of images as "cozy." I hope you can feel the warmth and joy in them.

Alexa / Kalamazoo Senior Photographer


I met Alexa on a chairlift in northern Michigan during her sister's wedding. Fun fact: I'm afraid of heights. She was so sweet and distracted me the whole time. This session was SO MUCH FUN. Her style, her natural energy, and her laugh had me so inspired. I haven't done a senior session in forever, but this girl reminded me of the importance of honoring the next generation. Alexa will be a world shaker

Jaky + Charles / Kalamazoo Couple Session

Kalamazoo Michigan Engagement Session / Kalamazoo Michigan Photographer

Jaky and Charles are incredible photographers. Their style is light and airy and I'm pretty sure Jaky's favorite colors are pink and mint green. That's why I was like, "YOU PICK MEEEE?!?" when she asked if I would take some fall pictures of them. I had this momentary identity crisis wondering if I should try to change my warm and deep style, but they were so encouraging about me being me. I'm so happy with how these turned out. What gorgeous people amiright!?!

Renae + Joshua / Kalamazoo Engagement Session

Kalamazoo Michigan Engagement Session / Kalamazoo Michigan Photographer

This engagement session was HOT. This is not a euphemism. It was like 90 degrees, but you can't even tell because Renae and Joshua were such good sports. We began at Asylum Lake Nature Preserve and when the light began to shift, I brought them to the Western Michigan University Engineering Campus for more variety. It is such an underused location, but I LOVE how within just a few feet, we found a bridge, pond, sci-fi awesome sculpture, and wheat (or wheat-like) field.

Their wedding is going to be awesome. When I asked what they were most excited about besides the actual getting married part, they both said dinner... so yeah... we are kindred spirits.

Tori + Luke / Boyne Mountain Wedding

Boyne Mountain Northern Michigan Wedding Photographer

There are two types of grooms. There are the kind that cry when they see their love walking down the aisle, and then there are guys like Luke- the kind that smile like they contain the sun. 

Tori and Luke have been waiting since preschool for this day... ok not exactly, but they really did meet in preschool. Their ceremony took place at one of their favorite places on earth: Boyne Mountain. They have been visiting with their families for years and have condos on the same street. When I arrived the night before, they showed me around like they were introducing me to a beloved friend. That night, they took me up to the top of the chairlift and danced over the northern Michigan "skyline." I will share photos of that in a separate post later, and it was magical.

Tori's phrase of the wedding day was "Hell YEAH!" At one point, I cried happy tears with her mom, and Luke's dad is in the running for coolest dad of the wedding season (see pictures of him playing harmonica at the reception below). Luke did the entire Soulja Boy routine with his brother. AND THERE WERE DONUTS.

It was spectacular.


Laura + Brandon / Kalamazoo Michigan Engagement Photography

Kalamazoo Michigan Asylum Lake Engagement Session / Photography by Adventure Photo Stories

It's not incredibly often that I receive inquiries for star-wars themed wedding photography. When I do, it's because Laura is the best kind of nerd and Brandon is the best kind of finance for encouraging her nerd-ness. I knew that their engagement session was going to be a breeze because these folks know who they are and are comfortable being themselves. Sure, these pictures aren't space themed (gotta wait until the wedding darlings), but they are full of autumn light and lots of love.

Cheers to you guys! I am so glad to know you.

My Best Girl

Kalamazoo Photographer

I don't do family pictures. Well, I do, but only for super special people. The thing is, I've never been great with kids. I don't "get" them. I can't make them do what I want in pictures and it drives me nuts. Pretty much the only kid that I REALLY click with is my daughter Margo. Even then, she's wild and strong-willed (wonder who she gets that from) and pictures are not her cup of tea.

Recently, I've been getting to know Elyse Rowland. And INCREDIBLE family photographer focusing on authentic moments and a documentary style. See her super amazing work here. I had never seen anything like the unposed and free children in her images. I still don't want to be a family photographer, but seeing pictures of her sons playing on their farm and living daily life inspired me to do a series of unposed, real life portraits of my daughter.

My house is a MESS. The girl is a MESS. She's got blueberry all over her face. By the end, she's not even wearing pants.

Truth be told, I couldn't love these more. In years to come, I'll miss the mess.