Photo by Holly West

Photo by Holly West

About Rachel: Kalamazoo Wedding Photographer + Beyond

My husband Colin helped free me from the need to be perfect. He is the reason that Adventure Photo Stories can exist. Our marriage has been, and continues to be, my greatest adventure. We have seen each other at our absolute worst and decided that love is still worth it. We have a sassy and hilarious 4 year old daughter named Margo, a smiley and happy baby Stella, and are working on visiting all 58 National Parks.

Two truths and a lie: I caught tuberculosis in Malaysia, I'm allergic to gluten, and I once made eye contact with Kanye West.  

If I could tell every person one thing it would be that they are loved and valuable. My passion for photography comes from a deep desire to show my couples how I see them... important, beautiful, and worth noticing. 

I've been a photographer since 2007, and am a kalamazoo wedding photographer full time. I’m motivated by real people- not awards, publications or instagram followers. It's not uncommon for me to shed some tears on a wedding day because I believe in marriage and I believe in the power of love.

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