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We (Rachel, Holly, and Robert) are Adventurers through and through. We love the pure wild around every corner of Michigan. Even in the heart of our city, Kalamazoo, you can find kayakers on the river and hiking trails leading to our favorite local breweries. It seems like everyone is outside. In the summer, the Great Lakes call to us like old friends, reminding us of our unfettered childhood. But the cold never stops us. Winter kayaking and late-night snowshoe walks keep our hearts warm when our hands are cold.

With over 15 years of combined photography experience, we have seen the both dark and beautiful sides of the industry.

We've decided that the best wedding photography is not about the shoes, or cake, or centerpieces. The best wedding photography is about the two people in 7 billion who found each other. It's about their adventure story. So, yes, we take pictures of the shoes, but within the context of a narrative... an EPIC story.

The best family photography isn't overly posed, it's letting the children be little. Getting them into the wild, and seeing the wonder of a family adventuring together. 

We love taking pictures. Because, frankly, when we look at an image from a mountain top hike, it's the closest we can get to that free feeling we felt on the summit. When you look at an image of your child, or your wedding day, we hope that you feel the wonder of that untamed moment too.

Have an adventure with us! Email adventurephotostories@gmail.com

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